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Secret of your eyes beauty

Strong fixation
No glue, no clips
Charming look

Magnetic false eyelashes are provided in a nice black box that fits perfectly even in a smallest handbag.


You can change your look any time by a couple of moves and conquer men’s hearts


  1. Apply it on top and bottom of your eyelashes.
  2. Stripes are getting pulled making false eyelashes cover your natural lashes from two sides just like a sandwich.
  3. Magnets provide reliable fixation not letting eyelashes drop even while doing sports.
  4. To get rid of the halves, rub them between the fingers and pull the bundles in opposite directions.
  5. The kit includes a set of reusable eyelashes.


Eyelashes built up in beauty salon

Quite expensive. Service life - 15-20 days. Better not to remove, otherwise you will have to visit salon again.

Require enhanced care. Without care and special procedures you risk losing built up lashes in a few days.

Too frequent buildups may cause eyelashes loss.

Magnet lashes

Reasonable cost, unlimited lifetime. Apply and remove as many times as you want!

Do not require care - just wear them for fun and conquer men on the spot with one flicker of eyelashes.

Do not harm your eyelashes. You may not worry.


The long-awaited Magnet Lashes are already in my makeup purse :) These lashes are just fantastic. The most important is that they have a very natural look. Haven’t tried it yet? Hurry up!
Magnet Lashes is my little secret. Sometimes I do not want to torture my eyes with mascara... And now you need to make only one move and you are a queen. One flicker of eyelashes and you are a goddess!
Girls, remember - our eyes are our precious! Take care of its charming look and the whole world will fall to your feet. Nature did not give you lush eyelashes? No problem! Just two words - Magnet Lashes


One more genius invention made by woman for women. Eyelashes look very beautiful. I recommend everyone!


I was very interested in this new stuff and decided to buy 2 sets at once. I considered the first set as training one. I tried to twist and shorten certain eyelashes and in general all my experiments were successful. I'm very happy with the purchase!


I ordered this novelty on your website and was a bit skeptical about it. But these eyelashes have surpassed all my expectations! I learned how to use them very quickly! They look just stunning and at the same time natural.