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Safely handle hot foods and cookware with ease, protect your hands and arms from painful burns, and enjoy peace of mind when cooking, grilling, or smoking. Simply cover up with a stylishly badass pair of Beast Armor Gloves.
Whether you're flipping burgers in the backyard or roasting dinner in the oven, the potential for suffering a burn injury is significant. Although no one means to get too close to a fire or brush their hand against a pan hovering around several hundred degrees, the chances are it'll happen at some point. The best way to avoid this common cooking-related danger, and work confidently around intense heat, is to wear a pair of high-quality, heat-resistant grill gloves — the Beast Armor Gloves, more specifically.
Heat resistant and flame retardant, the outer layer of the Beast Armor Gloves is made from high-strength Aramid 1313 material. This Kevlar fabric can withstand extreme temperatures up to 662°F (350°C), making them ideal for kitchen and backyard use. The gloves also measure 12" from the tip to the end of the cuff, reaching mid-way up your lower arm to provide ample skin coverage and protection from burns.
For extra peace of mind, both the back and the front of the Beast Armor Gloves contain non-slip silicone coated sections. This safety feature ensures you have excellent grip and control over the hot food or dish you're holding. You don't have to worry about intense heat penetrating through to your sensitive skin or the discomfort that comes with holding scalding items for long periods. As long as you have the Beast Armor Gloves on, you can pick up and carry hot items with ease and confidence.
While the outer fabric may be super strong, lightweight, and durable, the inner lining of each glove is made from a blend of cotton (55%) and polyester (45%). This ensures your ultimate comfort at all times. In addition, one size fits all with the clever design allowing for optimal freedom of movement and flexibility.

desinger for comfort

Super Strong-Lighweight-Durable

work confidently

high-quality Griling Gloves

maximum thermal protection

Heat Resistant s Flame Retardant

Superb grip and control

For Extra Peace of mind

Heat-resistant, high-strength Aramid (Kevlar Fabric) material

Withstands temperatures up to 662°F

Lightweight and flexible for comfort

Long cuffs for maximum protection

Non-slip silicone strips for improved grip

Buy only for 119 AED

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